Hawthorn berry syrup 250ml

This powerful Hawthorn berry has been commonly called 'The heart berry'


A delicious blend of organic European dried Hawthorn berries, raw honey and organic lemon juice. As natural as it comes. 


We hear of many cases of people with heart problems these days! We made this medicinal elixir full of antioxidants to help battle against that.


Hawthorn may assist in protection against heart disease, metabolise blood pressure and reduce high cholesterol. Human studies suggest Hawthorn berry may increase coronary artery blood flow & improve circulation, may assist in healing of heart palpitation and irregular heartbeat.


This useful berry has a high level of antioxidants that may assist as an anti-inflammatory agent.


Whether you or a loved one know somebody with heart issues or just want to boost your general heart health we suggest trying a bottle of our new Hawthorn berry syrup using organic ingredients.



Not for use for children or woman who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you are on heart or cardiovascular medication, please seek professional medical advice before using Hawthorn berry syrup,