Our Story

The Sow N Reap Co story began some years ago with Dan's mother blending batches of delicious Elderberry Syrup for her children from her home kitchen in leafy Warrandyte.


Keeping the tradition alive, Dan and his wife Alyna began blending their own organic Elderberry Syrup for their rapidly growing family; and are now excited to share its extraordinary immune boosting health benefits and delicious taste.


The next chapter of the Sow N Reap Co story is to eventually provide life-giving support and long-term employment opportunities for women who are experiencing hardships and challenges in their lives, instilling hope for a brighter future.


From our family to yours, we blend each bottle with love and careful attention, and we hope you enjoy the health benefits and great taste as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.


One night in early 2020, Founder of Sow N Reap Co Dan Marsh had a dream of a field of orange poppies.

Not knowing what the dream meant, he also then began to desire purchasing land to use for herb farming without realising at the time that poppies are indeed a herb. A little while later, a light bulb moment, their much loved elderberry syrup produced by Dan's mum for their family could be utilised to fulfil the dream as four of the six ingredients in their elderberry syrup are herbs.


Dan shared every detail of the vision with his wife Alyna who felt peaceful about pursuing the vision. Slowly but surely the seed was planted for Sow N Reap Co and it's now growing strong as more and more people and organisations are utilising elderberry syrup to enhance their lives and businesses.